Yom Kippur PHA 6th grade workbook

Question Answer
why are the aseres yimei teshuva considered a good time for teshuvah? the pasuk says that in the10 days between rosh hashana and yom kippur Hashem is closer to us.
Which group of people are in limbo during these days,and recive their final jugement on yom kippur? the beinunim.
during these days what is customary to observe extra? chumros
what is pas palteir? bread/goods baked by a non-jew
What changes are made in the words of kaddish? lieilah (U)LIEILA MIKAL
what do we add between yishtabach& krias shema? shir hamaalos mimaamakim etc.
during which tefilos do we say avinu malkeinu? shachris and mincha.
what happened to gedalia and what happened to us because of it? he was killed and we had to leave eretz yisroel.
what is shabbos shuvah and what does the rav do on it? it is the shabbos between rosh hashana and yom kippur and the rav reads a drasha which inspires us to do teshuva
what is the haftorah on this day and what is the theme? shuvah yisroel ad Hashem elokecha & teshuva.
from which pasuk do we learn that there is a special mitzva to do teshuva on yom kippur? vayikrah (tes zayin, lamed): ki biyom hazeh yichaper aleihem
what are the 4 main components of teshuva? AZIVAS HACHET-stopping doing the sin VIDUY- confessing to doing the sin CHARATA AL HAEVER- regretting what you did wrong KABALAH AL HAASHID -making a commitment never to do it again in the future
why do we bang the left side of our chests when we say “al chet”? as if to say the yetzer hara caused me to sin.
for a sin bain adam lachaveiro,how must we ask forgiveness? we must get it from the person we wronged, because we did it to THEM,not Hashem.
why is there a mitzvah to eat erev yom kippur? If we eat, it is as if we fasted on that day.
on erev yom kippur, do we add less or more selichos? we say less selichos.