Willis, Chpt. 4-Pt1

Question Answer
Who discovered electrons? Thomson, Rutherford, Dalton

Electrons are positively or negatively charged? negatively
What is the name of Thomson's method? Plum Pudding
Where did Rutherford's Model say most of the mass of the atom was found? in the nucleus
The nucleus has a positive or negative charge? positive
What did Rutherford call those things that orbit the nucleus? electrons
Do electrons have a positive or negative charge? negative
What two things make up the nucleus and what type of charge does each have? protons-positive, neutron-no charge at all
Every element is made up one one kind of what? atom
What is the smallest unit of an element? an atom
What does atom mean? indivisible, unable to be divided
What three things are atoms made up of? neutrons, protons, electrons
Who believed that the Universe was made up of indivisible units called atoms? Thomson, Rutherford, Dalton

Who said all atoms in an element were exactly alike? Thomson, Rutherford, Dalton, Democritus Dalton
Who said that atoms of different elements could join together and form a compound? Dalton
He said that the way they joined together was consistent. True or false true
According to this, a chemical compound always contains the same elements in exactly the same proportion by weight or mass. Law of Definite Proportion
Who was the author of the Law of Definite Proportion Thomson