Uncle Tom’s Cabin Characters

Uncle Tom – is a slave who is the main character of the story. He is extremely pious and caring. He is willing to give up his wife and his family to save others. He loves beauty and lives his life to convert those around him to Christianity. Even when he is treated badly, he does his work faithfully and to the best of his ability.

Mr. Haley – A slave trader who buys Uncle Tom and Harry, Mr. Haley is a greedy man who tells himself that he is kind to his slaves.

Mr. Shelby-Kentucky planter who falls into debt and is forced to sell his best slave. He is a kind and slightly indulgent master but not a good enough businessman to keep himself out of debt.

Mrs. Shelby – the pious wife of the Kentucky planter, Mrs. Shelby cares about the souls of her slaves. Deep down she does not believe in slavery, but does believe in keeping her promises. When her husband dies, Mrs. Shelby takes over the plantation and gets it out of debt.

George Shelby – the son of the Shelby’s, George is a good friend of Uncle Tom’s who used to read the bible to him. George is considerate and loving.

Eliza Harris – the Shelby’s quadroon slave who is a pet of Mrs. Shelby. Like her mistress, she is very pious. She is also exceptionally devoted to her son, Harry.

George Harris – Eliza’s husband who lives on a different plantation. He is a very light skinned mulatto man, and his master becomes jealous of some of his accomplishments. He is then degraded and abused, so he decides to run away. George is intelligent and is devoted to his family and to his freedom.

Harry Harris – Eliza and George’s son, Harry is a talented actor and dancer, which is why Mr. Haley wants to buy him.

Aunt Chloe – the wife of Uncle Tom, Aunt Chloe is a pious woman who works hard for her master and mistress. She is the cook for the Shelby household.

Sam Andy – Two of the Shelby’s slaves that try to “help” Mr. Haley capture Eliza and Harry.

Mr. Bird – Ohio senator that believed that the fugitive slave law was a just law. A very compassionate man, when Eliza shows up at his door with Harry, he gives her food, clothing, and money to help her escape.

Mrs. Bird – A very pious woman who normally does not get involved in politics. She is firmly against the fugitive slave law saying that it is unchristian not to help people in need.

Tom Loker – the ex-partner of Mr. Haley, Loker heads the search for the missing Eliza and Harry. He is ruthless until he is shot, then he sees the error in his ways and gives up the slave trade.

Marks – Loker’s partner who leaves him to die when he is shot.

Eva St. Clare – the young beautiful blonde child, Eva is an angel to anyone who knows her. She is extremely compassionate and wise for her age. As she grows, she comes to be extremely religious influencing everyone around her with her faith. She can not stand suffering of any creature and loves everyone around her.

Augustine St. Clare – Eva’s father, Augustine lives his whole life with a broken heart. He married a southern belle, and lived off his and her fortune. He laughed at life and had a very sarcastic wit. He adored his daughter and indulged his wife and his servants. St. Clare hated slavery but was too lazy to make a difference. Slavery becomes a good friend of Tom’s and though he is originally an atheist, the influences of his daughter and Tom make him change his mind.

Marie St. Clare – wife of Augustine and mother of Eva, Marie is a selfish southern slaveholder. She wants everything to revolve around her. She is sickly and treats her slaves very poorly. She is not a devoted parent and cares very little for others feelings.

Ophelia St. Clare – Augustine’s cousin who comes to help take care of Eva and to run the household. She was born in New England and shows the Northern prejudices towards Africans. She believes that slavery is wrong, and like many of the other characters, is very pious.

Dinnah – the cook of the St. Clare household who does not get along with Ophelia.

Adolph – the spoiled valet of St. Clare who likes to wear his masters’ clothes.

Rosa and Jane – two quadroon slaves in the St. Clare household who thinks they are better than other full black slaves are.

Topsy – an African child who St. Clare buys for Ophelia, Topsy is a girl who hates to be good. She is exceptionally intelligent and likes to play pranks. She does not see the reason for being good until she is influenced by Eva.

Alfred St. Clare – the brother of Augustine, Alfred is the portrait of a southern slaveholder. He is hard with his slaves and believes in the system.

Henrique- the son of Alfred and the cousin of Eva, Henrique is an abusive owner of his slaves. Eva tries to get him to love his slaves, but he does not know how to treat them with kindness.

Simon Legree – Tom’s last master, Legree is shown to be evil. He works his slaves to death, and does not care about them at all. He is superstitious and mean spirited. Though he originally bought Tom for an overseer but ended up hating him for his piety.

Emmeline – a beautiful quadroon slave girl that Legree bought to be his concubine, Emmeline is a scared but pious girl.

Sambo Quimbo – Legree’s two black overseers that are just as cruel as their master. At the end of the story however, they convert to Christianity.

Cassy – the regal concubine of Legree’s whose heart is filled with hatred for her master. She is the mother of Eliza, but the child was torn from her when she was young. She does not believe in God, though she helps some of the slaves on the plantation. She is beautiful, intelligent, and well educated, but the loss of her children has made her half crazy.

Madame Thoux – the long lost sister of George Harris that finds him in Canada and provides him with the education he’s always wanted.