The Glass Menagerie Top 10 quotes

  1. “[H]e is the long delayed but always expected something that we live for.” Scene 1
    Tom speaks of the symbolic significance of the gentleman caller.
  2. “Girls that aren’t cut out for business careers usually wind up married to some nice man.” Scene 2
    Amanda talks to her daughter after she learns that Laura has dropped out of business school.
  3. “Man is by instinct a lover, a hunter, a fighter, and none of those instincts are given much play at the warehouse!” Scene 4
    Tom’s words as he argues with his mother about his career.
  4. “No girl can do worse than put herself at the mercy of a handsome appearance!” Scene 5
    Amanda’s comment, alluding to the bad choice she made in marrying a handsome man.
  5. “She lives in a world of her own-a world of-little glass ornaments.” Scene 5
    Tom on his sister.
  6. “He was shooting with such velocity through his adolescence that you would logically expect him to arrive at nothing short of the White House by the time he was thirty.” Scene 6
    Tom’s impressions of Jim when they were both in high school.
  7. “All pretty girls are a trap, a pretty trap, and men expect them to be.” Scene 6
    Amanda’s thoughts as she tries to make Laura as attractive as possible.
  8. “People are not so dreadful when you know them.” Scene 7
    Jim’s comment to Laura, trying to help her with her shyness.
  9. “Hold him over the light, he loves the light! You see how the light shines through him?” Scene 7
    Laura tells Jim about her favorite glass animal, the unicorn.
  10. “Oh, Laura, Laura, I tried to leave you behind me, but I am more faithful than I intended to be!” Scene 7
    Tom speaks many years later, long after he has left the family home.