That was then

Term Definition
wistful A feeling of being regretful.
slight Small in degree or measure
invalid A person who is disabled because of injury.
groovy enjoyable or exciting
rawhide stiff leather
lanky ungracefully thin and tall
homely unattractive in appearance
crude in a natural or raw state
conceited proud of yourself
contorted bent out of shape or not normal
wry dry mocking humor
flounced move in an exagerated way
saunter walk in a slow manner
reminisce enjoyable recolection of the past
incredulous unwilling or unable to believe something
commune group of people living together
profound state of being great or intense
obscure not known about
rueful expressing sorrow or regret
credulous believing in something too easily
relapse to go back to something or a habit
irrational illogical or not real
inclined Favorably pushed on way towards something.
vague not expressed clearly
tactful Having or show tact or being discrete.