1984 summary – Part 2 Chapter 1

Part 2 Chapter 1: Back at work, Winston again encounters the girl that he met in the prole quarter the night before. This morning, however, the girl has her arm in a sling and stumbles as she approaches Winston. Instinctively, Winston bends to help the girl who, without notice, slips a piece of paper into his pocket. Worried that the telescreens will catch him reading the note, Winston waits until he returns to his cubicle and has begun working again before he opens the paper. The note reads, “I love you” (p. 109). No longer suspecting that the girl is a spy, Winston tries several times unsuccessfully to sit next to her in the cafeteria. When they finally manage to sit together, the girl instructs Winston to meet her at Victory Square. Extremely curious, Winston arrives at Victory Square early, meets the girl, and agrees to meet her again later in the country.