Why you should get a PhD

The path to achieving a doctorate degree, or PhD, may be filled with long hours doing paperwork and research inside dusty libraries, the confines of your own home, or in actual field scenarios. A PhD will also require several years of formal studies. Getting that PhD diploma may be tough, but for the true academic, the rewards are all worth it.

Career advancement

When you get a PhD, you will be offered many jobs in relation to your field. If you are already working, expect a promotion as soon as you get your doctorate degree. You will also be getting more prestigious offers from outside your present workplace.

Increased earnings

With the higher position comes the higher earnings. During your PhD studies, you are slowly building up your earning potential. After years of study, you will now feel the impact through a more bulky salary.

Higher learning

For passionate academicians, learning in itself is enough reward for their efforts. If you are the sort to truly care about discoveries in relation to your field, whether it is in the arts and humanities or in the pure and applied sciences, you are bound to be thrilled and excited with your daily academic pursuits. Also, your PhD gives you the credentials and respectability that will enable you to request for funding in order to conduct further research. You may be psyched to delve deeper into areas that few people have studied, whether it entails exploring the world through expeditions or poring through fragile texts of poetry.

The outlook and lifestyle

You do have to possess a certain disposition to be able to benefit fully from a PhD. If you are a serious learner, you will immediately fit into the world of graduate studies. You must have most of the following traits for you to make the most of studying for that doctorate degree:

  • highly literate
  • a self-starter and an independent worker
  • persistent
  • industrious and conscientious
  • practical and tight with budget
  • capable of enjoying intellectual activities
  • have a love for learning and discovery
  • willing to give up parties

If you have most, if not all, of the above traits, merely getting your PhD is a benefit.