How to Write Essay?

Defining essay and the ways to write it effectively

The parts of a good essay

A good essay is the one that is able to convey the appropriate information in a simple yet understandable manner. A good essay always begins with a brief introduction of the topic under discussion. By starting your essay in this way you will get a base to discuss the topic further in the preceding paragraphs. After providing an introduction you will have to elaborate the topic further in the body of your essay. You need to divide the body into paragraphs and subheads if the topic contains several aspects that are to be discussed too.

The last part of an essay is considered to be very important. It is the part where you have to sum up the entire discussion in a few words. It should not contain any further information but provide a bottom line for supporting the body. Do not leave the information probable or uncertain at the end. After all it is the part which reflects what you wish to convey to the reader.

Useful tips for writing a good essay

  • It is better to do a little research about the topic before writing it, if you are not bound by time constraints.
  • Including new words and phrases in your essay is also a good idea for making it appear well written. But ever use extremely difficult words that would confuse the reader.
  • Proof reading your essay is important if you do not wish to see any mistakes in it in terms of grammar or spelling.
  • Avoid writing long paragraphs as it will enable the reader to scan the information before reading it word to word. Small paragraphs also retain the reader’s interest.
  • Make sure that the content of your essay does not hurt the feelings of any reader. It can happen while writing essays on controversial topics.
  • You can use real life examples to back up your essay; this will give your writing a good base.

Writing essays: How do you start a good essay?

Although every essay is unique on its own there a few standard guidelines that will help you produce an outstanding write-up.

  1. Choose a good title:

    The title of the essay communicates to the reader the subject you have written on. It tells the reader what to expect in the written essay. While writing essays it is good to remember that a good title must answer a question.  If you are given a topic like say “Buying a house in Florida”, you can base your essay on a title like “What do you need to know when buying a house in Florida?” Writing essays based on question form of titles will help you organize your ideas better since you will be putting your ideas as answers to the question.

  2. Understand the subject area:

    Before you start writing on the topic you have been given or you have chosen you need to understand the subject area. For you to be more effective in writing essays, always choose topics in subjects that you are knowledgeable in. When you are writing in a field you have command in, you have a lot of information at hand. Always do research when writing essays on topics that are unfamiliar.

  3. Put down the ideas:

    While writing essays, the first step is always to sit and reflect on the topic. You are supposed to this in a quiet place where there is minimal disturbance. You can do this in your quiet room or you can take a walk in the field. Remember to carry with you a piece of paper and a pen. While you are there try to generate answers for the question of your title. Each answer should be very short and not detailed. Every time an answer comes, in whatever form, put it down on paper. Do not leave anything that comes up in your mind for that topic. When you have the rough ideas of what to write on you can now transfer them to a word processor. You need to research for every single answer so that you can get the details. You will need to organize the ideas in such a way that they have a logical flow.

  4. Write a teasing introduction:

    Writing essays require that you master the skill of introduction. It is the introduction that will determine whether the reader will proceed reading the essay or not. Use a punch in the introduction and finish the introduction paragraph with the thesis statement.

What is a good way to close an essay?

Literal meaning

Essay writing has many considerations when you write the conclusion. This is your last chance to convince the readers about your viewpoint; thus creating an impression of you as the writer and thinker. This will definitely determine your character or personality by the way you present this paper. The conclusion in essay writing completes the lingering possibilities like meaning and implications of your topic.

How to close an essay

It seems like ending a phone conversation when you conclude your essay. The conclusion in essay writing is usually kept short and simple. To create an effective conclusion, it should sound like you just slammed the door.

  • You should summarize what you have stated in the body of your essay. You will need to bring the body paragraphs as a whole in the conclusion of your essay writing.
  • If you have a long essay probably about five to ten pages perhaps, it is important to restate the main idea of the essay. Provide insights on your impression about the topic in different words. This way you restate the thesis found in the introduction.
  • You can cite another example to briefly explain your point. You must prove your point by convincing your readers why it is written that way. The conclusion imparts the whole idea of the essay to your reader.
  • You may want to end your essay with a quote to sum up the topic. You can search online for quotes that are relevant to your essay writing topic. Ending with such will really satisfy your readers. This then also creates an impression of you.

Finally, when you conclude your essay writing, try to avoid using the following phrases – in conclusion, to conclude, in summary, to sum up. These may be helpful phrases to determine the end of your essay, but readers know when the article ends. It will just be a duplication of what they understand about your paper.


These are few tips on how you should close your essay writing. It is helpful when this part of the essay is well-written. The conclusion wraps up and creates an impact on the essay writing. It is also a great idea to restate the thesis statement so readers know you have accomplished what you needed to accomplish. In the conclusion, people will understand the main concept of your essay making them reflect what they have learned.