Story of Keesh Vocab Story of Keesh Vocabulary

Term Definition
abated Become weaker, decrease in strength, subside
apportioned To divide something among or between people

To distribute, allocate share
prophetic Accurately describing something that will happen in the future
assailed Attacked, violent attack, to criticized someone strongly
contended Argued (in a strong way)
corroborated To support or help prove a statement by providing evidence

To confirm or give support to a statement
ominously Threatening manner suggests something bad is going to happen
gale A very strong wind
ere Before
indignation Feeling or showing anger or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment
famine Extreme or severe shortage of food
profoundly Something intense and deeply felt
unprecedented Something that has never been done before
grapple Wrestle, fight without weapons
aghast Shocked
prosperity Successful or good fortune
cunningly resourcefully, with skill
presumption the act of doing something without the right or permission to do it
tremulous timid, nervousness, shake with fear of nervousness
declined turned down
carcasses the dead bodies of animals