Argument Essay

The Key to Write an Impressive Argumentative Essay

You can begin your essay by making the reader aware of what is generally thought about your topic. Then persuade the reader gradually towards your point of view. This requires a lot of research and study before starting the argument. You can make notes on your chosen topic and highlight its important points too. Make sure to state the general thought in one statement. You need to provide evidence in the essay for backing your points. An argumentative essay always ends by reasserting your position.

Two Types of Argumentative Essay

First Type

Ideally, an argument essay is basically of two types: in the first type you discuss the issue with both the negative and positive aspects or you can choose one side of a topic only and write your own view on it in the second type. For instance, if in the first type, you have a topic on the effects of a certain issue then you can begin your topic by providing a little introduction about it and then mentioning it’s good and bad points separately. The conclusion should present a general effect of that issue.

Second Type

In the second essay type, you have to choose the topic and the side on which you will keep your focus. Hence your topic structure should include a general introduction of the topic first, its effects, facts for proving your point and then the conclusion.

Quoting or stating relevant facts about your view is extremely important to include in both types of argumentative essays. This is important because you have to keep in mind that you are writing an argumentative essay that is why you have to convince your reader through every possible way. Make sure that the facts you present are correct and relevant as well to make your point strong.