Why Should Abortion be Legalized in all Countries?

The issue of abortion has been an issue of contention in the United States for more than a century. However, the issue of abortion has been settled in every state in the country, and is enjoying universal protection under the law since the 1970s. Although abortion is legal in the States, it is not so in many countries around the world. For example, almost 25% of the world’s countries restrict abortion. It is only possible if the mother is in grave danger. Why should abortion be legalized in all countries?

There are many reasons why abortion should be legalized in all countries. Let’s take a look at some of the third world countries where abortion is illegal. Many third world countries do not have proper birth control methods. Even if they do, the people of these countries are unable to afford it. As a result, these people produce many children even though they can barely feed themselves. A family in a third world country, such as, Sri Lanka and India has four to five children. The father is the only person who has a job, sometimes, the father does not have a job, and the government does not help these families as it is unable to. Making abortion legal in these countries prevent the production of children that parents do not want. They are unable to feed and clothe these children and, as a result, are neglected.

Women should be given the freedom to choose whether they keep the child. If an unwed woman, at a young age, feels she is unable to bring up a child; shouldn’t the woman have the right to abort this child? She is preventing the child from having a good life. She is losing the freedom to do as she chooses because she has to bring up a child. The social stigma itself for the unwed mother is beyond her capabilities of coping. Most often, unwed, young mothers who are not given the freedom to choose whether to abort or keep her child end up committing suicide as they are unable to cope with their life. In many countries, a pregnant woman has to give up her career to look after her children. If she is not ready for this, shouldn’t she be given the right to abort?

A good reason to legalize abortion in all countries is to prevent overpopulation. The world is overpopulated and there are inadequate resources for all. Making women have children, even if they don’t want to, increases the population. It is, therefore, far better to enable these women to abort the fetuses than add another child to the population.

There are so many reasons why abortion should be legalized in all countries. It is time all countries considered this problem. The world is being burdened with people. What is the significance of bringing children into the world in order to neglect them? What is the significance of putting a woman who has been raped through a pregnancy of the rapist’s child? Isn’t it better to legalize abortion so that these factors can be avoided?

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