The Effects of Miscommunication

Communication is essential. It has been an essential fact of life since man devised a method of talking. This is the only way of interaction, and it is also the only way to get through to family, friends, peers, coworkers and associates. Communication is vital for anything. Lack of communication or miscommunication can have dire repercussions. For example, a manager cannot delegate work properly to his staff without proper communication. A marriage cannot survive long without proper communication. The effects of miscommunication are many. This essay will discuss some of these effects.

Communication is vital from a business standpoint. Communication to a business is like brake oil to the brakes system of an automobile. This is what keeps the whole business running smoothly. The methods of how the organization works and how to meet the goals of the organization, how to get there and what the employees have to do in order to achieve the goals should be communicated to them clearly and concisely. If this is not done clearly, the employees have no idea how to proceed and will find themselves adrift. This makes them frustrated and angry as they are unable o meet the goals and things can only go downhill from here. Miscommunication between employees and employers leads to the failure of a business. In fact, it is one of the most significant factors that contribute to the failure of a business.

Miscommunication between customers and suppliers can also lead to problem of major proportions. For example, a customer who does not understand the information provided about goods and services will turn to other businesses to provide the same goods and services. A supplier who is not clear with the terms and conditions of a sale will find himself at a loss when the customer realizes he or she does not wish to purchase said item because the information was not relayed properly. The bottom line to this is the loss of profits which every company cannot afford to lose.

Communication is vital to the health sector. Miscommunication between doctors and patients, pharmacists and patients, nurses and patients is a great problem in today’s world. The failure to convey proper information in the medical field can be extremely deadly. For example, a patient may get the wrong idea about his condition if the doctor is not clear about it. A pharmacist may prescribe incorrect medication in incorrect doses if the doctor has not written the prescription clearly. The patient can take the medication in the wrong doses if the pharmacist has not written the information clearly. All this can sometimes lead to serious problems and even, death.

The effects of miscommunication are clearly seen in relationships. There can be irreparable rifts due to miscommunication in relationships. Unnecessary conflict can lead to arguments which can affect the entire relationship. For example, not clearly stating a fact can result in tension and discomfort. This can lead to other problems which become serious and result in the end of the relationship.

Communication is important in every part of life. However, it must be remembered that the right way of communication is necessary to ensure that the effects of miscommunication do not occur.

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