Should the Death Penalty be Abolished?

The death penalty is something that has caused much controversy and arguments in various parts of the world. Some countries support the death penalty while others vehemently do not. What is the death penalty? The death penalty is a ruling by a judge that condemns the man or woman, found guilty of a crime, to death by either hanging or lethal injection. In many parts of the world, the western parts, lethal injection is supposed to be the more humane way of putting someone to death. However, in other parts of the world, hanging is still quite popular. Whichever way a person is put to death, it is still a killing. Many people fight for the abolishment of the death penalty. This essay will strive to understand whether these people are justified in their fight.

The main factor to support the abolishment of the death penalty is because of the risk of executing innocent people. Many executions have been carried out where a few years later the actual party responsible has been caught and sentenced. No matter how modern the legal system is with its DNA testing and various technologies, the system still can fail. People make mistakes. DNA can be doctored, can be erroneously entered into the system. Proof can be planted by insiders. There are so many things that can go wrong in a case, and it has been clear that a majority of cases has been wrong. Life in prison is very different from death penalty. If a person is imprisoned for life he/she can be set free, although it will never bring back the years lost. However, death penalty is irreversible. Once a person is dead, nothing can be changed no matter if that person was innocent.

The death penalty violates a person’s rights. A person is entitled to live his/her life no matter what crimes he/she has committed. This is his/her right as a human being. A person has the right to not be violated or tortured. By putting a person to death, his/her rights are being violated. It is inhumane and degrading. Yes, the person has taken another’s life. But, it does not justify doing the same. It will not bring the victim back. It will only compound an already big problem. Many people believe that putting the guilty party to death will bring closure to the victim’s family. The victim’s family will never find closure. They will always miss the dead person.

Many countries believe the death penalty will prevent others from committing crimes. If this is so, where is the proof? Every country that has the death penalty has a high crime rate. Take the US for example. This is a country that has one of the highest crime rates. This is also a country where the death penalty is and has been in effect for a number of years. Some states which don’t have the death penalty have low crime rates. What does this prove?

The death penalty goes against almost every religion. It is immoral and wrong. There are so many reasons why the death penalty should be abolished. Therefore, I believe, the death penalty should be abolished, and life imprisonment be enacted in its place.

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