Advantages and Disadvantages of Family Owned Management

Finding a good employee is hard. However, terminating an employee is worse. It can be extremely stressful, not only for the employee who is about to be terminated, but for the person doing it too. No matter how good a person the employee may be or what the relationship is between him and the employer, when it comes to performance in the workplace, the employer has to forget their connection and do what is best for the business. Because of certain factors, employers tend to make various mistakes they should avoid at all costs. This essay is about some of the things to avoid when terminating an employee.

In this day and age, when everything is done via electronic media, employers should never fire employees via emails or text messages. Even a formal letter is not suitable when it comes to firing an employee. Although the information is not easy whether it is sent via email or text or phone call, it is standard procedure, and the right thing to be face to face with the employee when firing him or her. It is a matter of courtesy. Even though the employee is no longer suitable for the business, and is not performing as expected, which is the reason for the termination, the employer owes it to the employee to be courteous and polite when firing him or her. This is why it is important to meet with the employee face to face when terminating an employee.

Another mistake to avoid is to fire an employee without prior warning. This is a bad move which will anger the employee and may even cause him or her to sue. Prior warning must be given where the employer stressors on the fact that if there is no improvement, the necessary steps will be taken to terminate the employee. The employee must be aware of this. The employer must do everything possible to ensure that the employee has understood the stipulation and help the employee in trying to get back on his or her feet. Terminating an employee should only be done once all other alternatives have been fruitless.

Firing an employee should never be done alone. There should always be a witness. Employees who are being terminated are always looking for loopholes so that they can get a good lawyer and sue the business. The employer should, therefore, have another person present, preferably someone from human resources who can always back the employer if necessary.

Another mistake many employers make is providing the employee with lengthy excuses as to why he or she is being terminated. The employer should also never point out the reasons for the termination as the employee is aware of the reasons. However, the management should always be prepared to answer clearly and accurately if the employee asks the reasons for the termination.

Finally, the employer should always make it clear to the employee that the decision of termination is final and that the employee should not expect a second chance. Although kindness is necessary, the employee should never take kindness for weakness and go about trying to change the employer’s mind.

Terminating an employee can be a tough task. Many managers prefer others from HR to do this distasteful task. However, if the management does have to do it sometime, being prepared and being aware of some things to avoid can be helpful.

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