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Medications have potential use for All medications have potential use for harm as well as good
What 3 things do nurses need to do when dealing with drugs Understand how a drug works, educate , and prevent side effects.
Nursing judgement is based on _____________________ a sound knowledge base
Pharmakon = poision
Droog dutch for powedr
What are the three names that all drugs get 1. chemical 2. Generic 3. Trade
Are generic drugs and name brand drugs the same No. the drugs may have different concentrations and different fillers
What is the Negative Formulary list Means you can only describe the brand name no generic
Clinical systems clinical indication–laxative

Body System—cardiac drugs, gi drugs

Chemical/ Pharmacological—Barbituates
What are the five drug sources plants, animals, natural salts minerals coal tar, synthetic chemical, Recombinant DNA
What are the inactive drug constituents fillers, vehicles, flavoring and dyes
What is the official source of drug information in the united states
What is USPDI Provides dispensing information
Where are the two poision control center Bentaub and UTMB galveston
What was formed to protect from mislabeled drugs and fake durgs Pure food and drug act-1906
What is the sherly amendment year 1912 prohibits labeling of medicines with false therapeutic claims
1938 the federal food drug and cosmetic act drugs must be properly tested they are monitored and labled
durham humphery amendment year 1952 all new drugs must have a written prescription and be despenised by a pharmacist
Kefauver Harrison amendment year 1962 independently test drugs independent of govt and pharmacist
controlled substance act 1970 drug dependence and addiction become defined switched drug control from treasury to justice dept. now people could go to jail for drugs
What is USP United States pharmacopeia 1820 recognized standard for drug purity
What is NF National formulary 1888 standards for drug formulation drug mixtures
Drug regulation and reform year 1978 shorten time take to manufacture drugs
Tamper resistant packaging year 1982 due to cyanide poisoning in tylenol
orphan drugs year 1983 gave financial incentive to pharmacies to manfacture certain drugs not widely needed
drug price competition year 1984 when generic drugs came in
anabolic steroid act year 1990
common rule year 1991 research was based on 180 lb male now can add women minorities, children and pregnant women
food and drug modernization year 1997
Drugs used in hospital bar code year 2004
Patient protection and affordable care act year 2010 drug companies 12 year patent then generics
Drug quality and security year 2013 State control for alcohol and drug but under fed. mandates
What are the 3 types of new drug development trials Use of controls- control group receives the drug, Randomization- participant does not know if they have the drug or placebo, blinding- neither particp. or researcher knows who gets the placebo
What are the limitations of drug testing small number of patients in clinical trials, selective use of patients, limited time
What are the drug categories of risk to pregnancy Cat A,B,C, D, X
What are the 3 properties of an ideal drug effective, safety, and selectivity, reversible action, predicibility, ease of administration, low cost and chemical stability
what are the 5 drug standards purity, potency, bioavailability, efficacy, safety/toxicity
What must we do before we give any drug We must get a baseline screen for allergy and check for kidney and/or liver disorders
Nursing process Pharmacology diagnosis deficit knowledge, non compliance, risk for injury
Nursing process