Immune vocab 1

Question Answer
Adenoids Lymph tissue is nose area
Antibody Protein produced by b cells to destroy
Antigen Foreign to body
B cell Immature lymphocyte
Cell mediated immunity T cells respond to antigens and destroy them
Complement system Set of proteins in blood that help antibodies kill their target
Cytokins Proteins recreated by t cells to aid antigen destruction
Helper t cell (CD4) Aids b cells and stimulates t cells
Cytotoxic t cell Directly kills antigens
Humoral immunity B cells produce antibodies after exposure to antigens
Immunoglobulins Antibodies made by plasma cells in response to antigen
Immunotherapy Use of immune cells, antibodies, or shots to prevent
Interferons Proteins secreated by by t cells to aid immune response
Interleukin Proteins that stimulate growth of b and t
Lymphnoid organs Lymph nodes,spleen, thymus gland
Lymph node Collection of tissue located along the path of lymph vessels
Lymph vessels Thicker walls than lymph capillaries
Macrophage Cell that eats cells
Mesenteric nodes In the stomach area
Monoclonal antibody Antibodies produced in labs to attack antigens
Plasma cells Lymphocytes that secreate antibodies
Right lymphatic duct Upper right drains lymph into vein in neck
Spleen Destroys old red blood cells
Suppressor t cell Lymphycoty that inhabits activity of b and t cells
T cells Located in lymph nodes, destroys bacteria and forgein cells directly
Tolerance The ability of t cells to recognize and accept the bodies pen antigens and friendly
Thoracic duct Vessel that drains lower and left duct into veins in neck
Thymus gland Located in upper mediastinum
Tonsils Lymph tissue in back of mouth
Vaccine Weaken or killed cells
Vaccination Exposure of a forgein protein