History 108 Vocabulary Chapter 9

Term Definition
The Putting Out System A labor system whereby a merchant hired different families to preform specific tasks in a production process.
The Lowell System Farm girls/ young women who came and worked at the textile factories were housed, and provided with edcational and cultural opportunities. Lowell believed that by providing safe and comfortable working conditions he could ensure a steady supply of labor.
The Cotton Gin A machine that quickly separates the cotton from the seed. Invented by Eli Whitney.
Deskilling Breaking an artisanal production process into smaller steps that unskilled workers can perform.
Artisan Skilled, experienced worker who produces specialized goods by hand.
Cumberland Road A national highway that provided thousands with a route from Maryland to Illinois.
Erie Canal A canal that connected the Hudson River to Lake Erie and markets in the West
Labor Theory Of Value An economic theory holding that profits from the sale of the goods produced by workers should be equitably distributed to those workers.
Working Men's Party A political group that radically opposed what they viewed as the exploitation of workers.
Mohawk and Hudson Railroad The first steam-powered locomotive railroad in the US.
Corrupt Bargain Andrew Jackson's supporters in the 1824 election applied this to John Q. Adams, which meant that the people felt they had bee cheated on their choice.
Kitchen Cabinet This was a nickname for the informal group that supported Andrew Jackson.
Nullification The theory, advocated in response to the tariff of 1828, that the states could void federal law at their discretion.
Spoils System The political system of rewarding friends and supporters with political appointments.
Trail of Tears The route of the forced removal of the Cherokee and other tribes took from Southeastern US to the territory that is now OK.
Universal Manhood Suffrage Gave voting rights to all male adults.
Tariff of Abominations A federal tariff introduced in 1828 that placed a high tax on imported goods in order to help American Manufactures, Southerners viewed this as unfair.
Whigs A political party that began in the 1830s and they opposed Andrew Jackson as president, said he abused power.
The Second Party System The system in which The Federalists and The Democratic-Republicans were replaced by The Whigs and The Democratic-Republicans.
Monster Bank The term used by Democratic opponents to denounce the Second Bank Of the United States.