Henry V Characters

Alice: Alice is Catherine’s lady-in-waiting.

Bardolph: Bardolph is an old drinking companion of the King, in the days when Henry was Prince of Wales and known for his wild living. People make jokes about Bardolph’s red nose, the consequence of his heavy drinking.  Bardolph is hanged after he steals from a church in France.

John Bates: John Bates is one of the English soldiers that the disguised Henry encounters on the eve of the battle of Agincourt. Bates wishes the King would ransom himself, although he also considers himself to be a loyal subject of the King and does not think it proper to inquire about whether the King’s cause is just.

Duke of Bourbon: The Duke of Bourbon is a French noble who is captured at the battle of Agincourt.

Boy: The Boy is in service to Pistol, Nym and Bardolph. But he despises them and vows to seek other masters.

Duke of Burgundy: The Duke of Burgundy is a French noble who arranges the terms of peace between the English and the French. In Act 5, scene 2, he gives a long speech that vividly describes the devastation that war has brought to France.

Richard, Earl of Cambridge: Richard, Earl of Cambridge, is one of the three traitors whose conspiracy is discovered before the King sails for France. He confesses to the crime and begs for mercy, but the king will not listen, and Cambridge is executed.

Archbishop of Canterbury: The Archbishop of Canterbury is the highest church official in the land. He makes great efforts to persuade Henry to make a claim to the throne of France. He also promises to donate large sums of church money to the crown.

Catherine: Catherine is the daughter of the French King Charles VI. She is given in marriage to Henry V.

Charles VI: Charles VI is the King of France. He does not share his nobles’ belief that King Henry will be easily defeated. Historically, Charles VI was subject to bouts of mental illness, although Shakespeare does not depict him in this light.

Louis the Dauphin: Louis the Dauphin is the son of King Charles VI. He sends Henry V an insulting gift of tennis balls, and throughout the play exudes arrogance and contempt toward the English army. Before the battle of Agincourt he boasts of the prowess of the French.

Duke of Clarence: The Duke of Clarence is Henry V’s brother. He fights at Agincourt.

The Constable of France: The Constable of France is the commander of the French forces during the battle of Agincourt. He is killed in the battle.

Bishop of Ely: The Bishop of Ely shares the views of the Archbishop of Canterbury regarding the rightfulness of Henry’s claims to the French throne.

Sir Thomas Erpingham: Sir Thomas Erpingham is an old but loyal soldier who fights at Agincourt.

Duke of Exeter: The Duke of Exeter is Henry’s uncle and one of his closest advisers. He distinguishes himself by leading an English force that captures a bridge from the French.

Captain Fluellen: Captain Fluellen is a Welsh officer in Henry V’s army. He is talkative and quarrelsome, but is a courageous soldier. He has an interest in military history and military strategy, and he admires the ancient Romans. He resolves his quarrel with Pistol by beating him and forcing him to eat a leek.

Duke of Gloucester: The Duke of Gloucester is Henry V’s brother. He fights at Agincourt.

Captain Gower: Captain Gower is an English officer in Henry V’s army. He is the friend and confidant of Fluellen.

Lord Grandpr�: Lord Grandpr� is a French lord who is killed at Agincourt. He describes the pitiful appearance of the English army on the morning of the battle.

Sir Thomas Grey: Sir Thomas Grey is one of the conspirators against the King. He is sentenced to death.

Henry V: Henry V is the English king who renounces the wild living of his youth and becomes a mature, responsible monarch. He claims the French throne because his most senior counselors advise him of the justice of his claim. Once in France, he shows himself to be a ruthless and effective military leader, able to inspire his men to great feats. He marries Catherine of France.

Hostess: Hostess is the wife of Pistol. Formerly Mistress Quickly, she is the hostess of the Boar’s Head in Eastcheap, where Prince Henry and his drinking pals used to meet.

Isabel: Isabel is the French queen, the wife of France’s King Charles VI.

Captain Jamy: Captain Jamy is a Scottish officer in Henry V’s army.

Captain Macmorris: Captain Macmorris is an Irish officer in Henry V’s army. He is responsible for preparing the mines (tunnels dug under the enemy position that can be blown up), although he admits they are not well constructed.

Montjoy: Montjoy is the French herald who conveys the French demands to Henry before the battle.  He also conveys the French surrender.

Nym: Nym is a corporal, and a friend of Bardolph, Pistol and Falstaff. He quarrels with his friend Pistol because Pistol married Hostess Quickly, to whom Nym claims he was engaged. Nym is a petty thief, and like Bardolph is hanged for looting a French church.

Duke of Orleans: The Duke of Orleans is one of the French nobles. Historically, he was captured by the English at Agincourt, but Shakespeare does not mention this.

Pistol: Ensign Pistol is a friend of Nym and Bardolph, even though he and Nym quarrel. He is married to Hostess Quickly, and is also one of the King’s pals from his earlier drinking days. Pistol enlists for the war in France, during which he quarrels with Fluellen because Fluellen will not intervene to save Bardolph’s life. Pistol is a braggart soldier, all swagger and no courage (even though he does manage to capture  one French soldier).

Lord Rambures: Lord Rambures is a French lord who is killed at Agincourt.

Earl of Salisbury: Earl of Salisbury is one of the English commanders at the battle of Agincourt.

Henry, Lord Scrope of Masham: Henry, Lord Scrope of Masham is one of the three traitors who plan to kill Henry V, but their plot is foiled before the King sails for France. Henry is particularly angry with Scrope’s treachery because they were close friends and Henry confided in him.

Earl of Warwick: The Earl of Warwick is one of the English commanders at the battle of Agincourt. His wish that the English had a larger army is what prompts Henry’s great speech to his men before the battle.

Earl of Westmoreland: The Earl of Westmoreland is one of the English commanders at the battle of Agincourt.

Michael Williams: Michael Williams is one of the English soldiers that the disguised Henry encounters on the eve of the battle of Agincourt. He is skeptical of the rightness of the King’s cause, and thinks that the King will bear responsibility for those killed in the battle. Williams picks a quarrel with Henry and they agree to settle it after the battle.

Duke of York: The Duke of York, having begged the king that he be allowed to be in the vanguard of the battle at Agincourt, dies a heroic death