Exam 1 A&P

Question Answer
Examples of a??structures dictates functiona?? Muscles cells structure helps the muscle to contract

-sperm has flagella in order to move
11 organ systems -integumentary










Anatomical position Body erects, face forward, feet together, Palma face forward
Supine vs Prone Lying face upward vs lying face downward
Superior vs Inferior -Cephalic vs caudal

-closer to the head vs closer to the tail
Medial vs lateral Closer to midline vs closer to the tail
Proximal vs Distal Close to attach point vs Distant from attach point
Superficial vs Deep Closer to skin vs Distant from skin
Anterior vs Posterior -Ventral vs dorsal

-front of back vs back of body
Negative feedback -leads to homeostasis (values of variables fluctuate around the set set point to establish a normal range of values)

-components: receptors-