Euthyphro Top 7 quotes

  1. “It is because I realize this that I am eager to become your pupil, my dear friend.”
  2. “Bear in mind then that I did not bid you tell me one or two of the many pious actions but that form itself that makes all pious actions pious,”
  3. “nor is it being affected because it is something affected, but it is something affected because it is being affected,”
  4. “I’m afraid, Euthyphro, that when you were asked what piety is, you did not wish to make its nature clear to me, but you told me an affect or quality of it,”
  5. “As it is, the lover of inquiry must follow his beloved wherever it may lead him.”
  6. “I prefer nothing, unless it is true.”
  7. “If you had no clear knowledge of piety and impiety you would never have ventured to prosecute your old father for murder on behalf of a servant.”