Doctor Faustus Characters

Faustus – The main character of the story.  Once a brilliant scholar and professor at Wittenberg, his interest in the dark arts and necromancy lead him to a deal with Lucifer.  In this pact, he surrenders his soul for twenty-four years of luxury and power on earth.  Self-doubt, repentance and fear gnaw his soul frequently throughout the play, but it is not until the very end that he realizes the folly of his actions.

Valdes Cornelius – Friends of Faustus.  Infamous for practicing magic and sorcery, they persuade him to join them in studying necromancy.

Wagner – Servant to Faustus.  He is faithful to Faustus till the end and receives all of his money and property.

Mephostophilis –The principal devil that lured Faustus into selling his soul.  As part of the deal between Lucifer and Faustus, Mephostophilis acted as Faustus’s servant for twenty-four years, granting his every wish.

Lucifer – Monarch of hell.  He is delighted to receive Faustus’s once devout soul into his dominions in exchange for twenty-four years of luxurious life.

Beelzebub –Assistant devil to Lucifer.

Good Angel Evil Angel – They frequently accompany Faustus and advise him on a course of action.  They represent the struggle between good and evil in his soul.

The Seven Deadly Sins – Appear at Lucifer’s command before Faustus for his entertainment.

Clown/Robin – Acts as a servant for Wagner, interested in the dark arts; Mephostophilis punishes him by giving him an ape’s face.

Dick – Stableboy that Mephostophilis turns into a dog because he stole Faustus’s magic book.

Rafe – Dick’s partner in crime; similarly punished by Mephostophilis.

Vintner –Innocent witness to Dick, Rafe Robin’s devilish mischief.

Carter – Faustus tricks this man by eating all of his hay for only three farthings.

Chorus – Acts as narrator and interpreter of the story for the audience.

The Pope – Faustus plays tricks on this “proud” Pope by releasing a political prisoner right under his nose.

Bruno – Political/religious prisoner that Faustus releases to cause mischief in Rome; later becomes Pope in Germany.

Raymond, King of Hungary – Assistant to the Pope; fooled by Faustus and Mephostophilis.

Charles, the German Emperor – Greatly entertained by Faustus; commands to see various spirits.

Martino, Frederick Benvolio – Officers at the Emperor’s court; they are severely punished by the devils for scoffing at Faustus’s magical powers and attempting to kill him.

Duke Duchess of Vanholt – Guests entertained by Faustus.

Old Man – Devout Christian who pleads with Faustus to save his soul; serves as a foil against Faustus’s sin-loving ways.

Spirits in the shapes of Alexander the Great, Darius, Paramour and Helen of Troy – Summoned by Faustus to entertain his guests.

Scholars, soldiers, devils, courtiers, cardinals, monks, cupids, saxony