Church Play Nehemiah

Question Answer
Line 1 We are shepherds, sir, from the hills outside the city.
Line 2 Nehemiah, of Bethlehem, sir, and these are my children.
Line 3 No, sir. We were coming here to visit the stable.
Line 4 Why, this one, of course.
Line 5 We came to show my eldest daughter the place of the miracle.
Line 6 She wasna??t with us last week, so she didna??t see. We thought she might believe, if she could see.
Line 7 And yet, she speaks the truth. Thata??s why we were bringing my daughter here, so she could understand.
Line 8 It happened a little over a week ago a?? the night of December 24. We were in the fields, tending our sheep. It was a cold night, or just a sliver of the moon for light. Time was dragging heavily a??
Line 9 (Flashback) just thinking, son. Ia??m worried about your sister.
Line 10 Ia??ll stay up a bit longer. She should be back soon.
Line 11 So am I. But just because I know the sheep are safe doesna??t mean I dona??t watch over them.
Line 12 Who a?? who are you?
Line 13 Youa??re…what?
Line 14 What do you mean?
Line 15 This messiah a?? he is in Bethlehem? Not Jerusalem?
Line 16 (Back to reality) And then there was a whole host of angels, all singing praises to the new Messiah. They were as plentiful as the stars in the sky, but each one shined like a sun. They sang, and then they were gone. And we ran here, to the stable.
Line 17 (gets to his feet) A few. All of us, here, wea??re present that night, except for my daughter.
Line 18 (shrugs) what would you have me show you? A feather from an angela??s wing?
Line 19 But a??