Chemistry of life Atoms and stuff

Question Answer
What are the basic units of matter? Atoms
What is found in the Nucleus? Protons and Neutrons
Atoms that gained or lost electrons which causes an electric charge are called what? Ions
What molecules have an uneven pattern of electric charge? Polar molecules
What molecules have an even pattern of electric charge? Non-polar molecules
Things that easily dissolve with water or “water loving” are what? Hydrophilic
Things that doesn't dissolve with water or “water fearing” are what? Hydrophobic
What is the process of removing a water molecule to make a bond? Dehydration synthesis
What is the process of breaking a water molecule by adding a water molecule? Hydrolysis
What connects a cluster of water molecules? Hydrogen Bonds
What bond holds hydrogen and oxygen together to make a molecule? Covalent bnd