chapter 3 vocab

Term Definition
natigation the science of planning and controlling the direction of a ship.
circumnaviate to sail completely around something.
expedition a journey to achieve a goal.
colony an area or land ruled by another country.
merchant someone who buys and sells goods to earn money.
kingdom a place ruled by a king or queen.
caravan a group of people and animals who travel together.
technology using scientific tools and knowledge to do things better and more rapidly.
astrolabe a tool that measures the height of the sun of a star above the horizon .
profit the money a business has left over after all expenses has been paid.
slavery a curl system in which people bought and sold and made to work without pay.
settlement a small community of people living in a new place.
epidemic an outbreak of disease that spreads quickly and affects many people.
conquistador a Spanish conqueror
empire many nations or territories ruled by a single group or leader
mission a religious community where priests taught Christianity
hacienda a large farm or ranch, often with its own village and church
convert to convince someone to change his or her religion or beliefs
revolt a violent uprising against a ruler
parallel a line of latitude
meridian a line of longitude
absolute location the exact latitude and longitude of a place on the globe