Chapter 18 biology

Question Answer
Ecosystem All organisms and their non living environment found in a particular place
Population Includes all members of a species that live in one place at one time
Interdependence Organisms interactions with other organisms in their surroundings
Community All the interacting organisms living in a area
Habitat The place where a organism lives
Niche The specific role or way of life of a species within its environment
Dormancy A long term strategy when you go into a state of reduced activity
Migration Another strategy which involves moving to a new favorable habitat
Generalist Species with broad niches that can tolerate a range of conditions and use a variety of different resources
Soecialist Species with narrow niches
Biomass Any organic material that has been produced in an ecosystem
Trophies levels Indicates the organisms position in a sequence of energy transfers
Producers Capture energy and use it to make organic molecules
Consumers Obtains energy by consuming organic molecules made by other organisms
Decomposers Cause decay by breaking down complex molecules into simpler molecules
Omnivore Eat both producers and

Herbivore Eat producers
Carnivore Eat other consumers