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What are the 3 main basic facts that are important to Canadian Geography? Canada is the second largest country in the world following Russia, 90% of Canada is too far north for agriculture, Canada is isolated from all other countries by large distances except the US as the only exception.
Why and when was the UN created? How many countries belong to the UN? The United Nations was created after world war 2 in 1945 to promote peace and equality. It had 51 original countries and now has 193.
Name the 5 drainage basins in Canada Hudsons Bay, Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico
Who were the first Canadian Citizens (non-officially)? The First Nations and Inuit People.
How was the Canadian government discriminatory to the Chinese when they built the railroads? When the Canadian government brought over Chinese people to build the railroads from west coast to east coast a lot of them lost their lives and when they were done the Canadian government didn't let the families from China come to Canada.
How was the Canadian government discriminatory to the Aboriginal Peoples? The Canadian government had previously ignored the needs and concerns of the Aboriginal Peoples. Doing so, they were being discriminatory towards them.
Name 5 Push factors that could influence someone to migrate. War, Overcrowding, Lack of Work, Persecution, and Bad Government
Name 5 Pull Factors that could influence someone to migrate Peace, Abundant Food, Jobs, Rights and Freedoms, Available Land.
Which Federal Government decides which people are allowed to immigrate to Canada? The Citizen Immigration Canada (CIC) decides who can come into Canada as a citizen.
What do you have to do to “naturally” be a Canadian Citizen? You have to be born in Canada.
What is the criteria to be a Canadian citizen? Must be 18, be a permanent resident, have lived in Canada for 3 of the last 4 years, be able to speak English or French, know about Canada's history, geography, political systems, and know the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.
What are 4 reasons that would prevent someone from applying for citizenship? If they are considered a risk to Canada's security, under a deportation to leave Canada, is in prison on prole or on probation, and/or has had their citizen ship revoked in the last 5 years.
What are the 4 factors that explain why different parts of Canada have different climates? Latitude- Its colder in the north. Distance from Oceans- Near oceans lots of precipitation, moderate temperatures. Prevailing air movement- Easterly. Land Forms- Mountains block warm moist air from moving east, plains hold in heat.
What is “pluralism” A shared belief in mutual acceptance and respect for diverse ethnic, racial, religious, and social groups within society
What are the 10 provinces and their Capitals? British Columbia- Victoria, Alberta- Edmonton, Saskatchewan- Regina, Manitoba- Winnipeg, Ontario- Toronto, Quebec- Quebec City, Newfoundland and Labrador- St. Johns, New Brunswick- Fredericton, Nova Scotia- Halifax, Prince Edward Island- Charlottetown
What are the 3 Territories and their capitals? Nunavut- Iqaluit, Northwest Territories- Yellowknife, Yukon- Whitehorse
What are the 2 types of geography? Give an example for each. Human Geography- The branch of geography dealing with how human activity affects or is influenced by the earths surface and atmosphere, Population Physical Geography- The branch of geography dealing with natural features and processes, Rocks and Minerals.
What is a drainage basin? Why is the size and location important? A drainage basin is an area of land that is drained by river systems . The location and size are important because if it doesn't reach all the required locations they could flood and if its too small they could overflow.
What is a “refugee” a person who flees a country because of a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular political or social group.
What does it meant o be granted asylum in canada? being granted asylum is being given a safe place for refuge.
What are the 5 components in canadas physical geography? Land Forms- The canadian shield. Soils- sediment in shallow seas forming mountains. Surface waters- Drainage Basins. Climate- Latitude Vegetation- Climate influrences vegetation
How did prime minister pierre elliot trudeau use legislation to protect the human rights of canadians? In 1982 Pierre Elliot Trudeau had helped make the constitution act, Canada's new constitution which enforced the “Equality before the law and under the law” principle which means all laws must be written and enacted to respect the equality of all people.
Where does the majority of the canadian population live? a majority of canadians live near the great lakes and near the st. lawrence river. the cities with the most population are toronto, quebec city, ottawa and montreal.
How is climate different from weather? Climate refers to usual weather patterns over a long period of time where weather refers to day-to-day weather patterns.
List 4 Divisions in Canada 1. Aboriginals and others in canada 2. Division between francophone people and other canadians 3. Which level of government should have more power and if federalism works 4. the ethnic identity of canadian population has changed, The face keeps changing
What was the Canadian population in 2006 and what is the population now? in 2006 the population was 32 million and now in 2017 its 36.5 million people.