Biology Quiz

Term Definition
Ecosystem All the interacting parts in an environment
Sustainable ecosystem An ecosystem capable of serving on its own and providing for its organisms
Biotic An element of an ecosystem that is alive or once was. i.e bird
Abiotic Non-living parts of an ecosystem. i.e a rock
Symbiosis Interactions between organisms in an ecosystem
Commensalism A Win-Meh symbiotic relationship. i.e a remora fish eating a shark's scraps
Mutualism A Win-Win symbiotic relationship. i.e a bird eatings fleas off of a cow's back
Parasitic A Win-Lose symbiotic relationship. i.e mosquito biting an otter
Predation A relationship where one organism consumes the other for energy
Competition A symbiotic relationship where two or more organisms compete for resources
Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecosystem based mostly on land
Aquatic Ecosystem Ecosystem based mostly in/under water
Biome ecological similar region with the same pattern and range of temperature and precipitation
Lithosphere the hard part of Earth’s surface
Hydrosphere The water on Earth
Atmosphere the layers of gas above Earth’s surface
Photosynthesis the chlorophyll in plant leaves uses solar energy to assemble glucose molecules from water and carbon dioxide. Oxygen is also produced during the process
Cellular Respiration Photosynthesis produces stored energy in the form of sugar. To make that energy available for use, the plant performs this complementary reaction
Nitrogen Cycle changed by bacteria in soil, taken in by plants, decomposer bacteria convert the chemical into its gaseous state
Carbon Cycle Enters the atmosphere when burned, absorbed by plants, used in cellular respiration, organisms consume plants and each other paling it on, once decomposed in dead organisms, goes back into the atmosphere as a gaseous form
Phosphorus Cycle Released from rocks by erosion, enters ground water source, consumed with water by producers, consumers eat said producers, die, decompose and goes back into the Earth.
Consumer Organism that gets its energy by consuming other organisms
Producer Organism that gets its energy through photosynthesis. First trophic level
Decomposer Organism that gets its energy from eating dead organisms