As You Like It Characters

Orlando De Boys: The youngest son of the dead Rowland De Boys, Orlando is in the beginning of the play complaining because his brother is not giving him a fair share of their father’s money. He is portrayed as exceptionally strong in both body and in his devotion to love. It is these qualities that make Rosalind fall for him as well.

Oliver De Boys : Originally portrayed as a ruthless brother, Oliver is the eldest son of Rowland De Boys and reforms throughout the play. He falls for Duke Frederick’s daughter, Celia, and loses the greed in which he acquired at his father’s death.

Duke Frederick: The younger of the Dukes, Frederick takes over the court when Duke Senior is banished. He is unforgiving, and judges people by their parents and not their actions. His daughter Celia is the best friend of Rosalind.

Duke Senior: The older of the Dukes, Duke Senior travels to the Forest of Arden with members of his court. They there learn to love their surroundings, often singing songs about its beauty. The Duke is a fair man, and very loving to his daughter, Rosalind.

Rosalind (Ganymede): The daughter of Duke Senior, and the cousin, best friend, and companion to Duke Frederick’s daughter, Celia, Rosalind plays an important character in the play. She falls in love with Orlando and helps him to court her in disguise. She also helps the relationship between Silvius and Phoebe.

Celia (Aliena): The daughter of Duke Frederick, Celia is devoted to her cousin Rosalind. She leaves her pampered life at court to stay with her cousin when she is banished. Celia falls in love with Oliver, and immediately decides to get married. Her disposition is much better than her father’s, proving that children do not always turn out like their parents, like her father thinks they do.

Touchstone : The fool in Duke Frederick’s court, Touchstone brings wit to the play. He decides to come to the forest with the girls, and in the course of the play bests many men in conversation.

Silvius: A lovelorn shepherd whose love, Phoebe, persists in denying him her love.

Phoebe: The shepherdess that Silvius loves, Phoebe disdains him and instead falls for Ganymede. In the end of the play however she agrees to marry Silvius.

Corin: The shepherd who brings Celia and Rosalind to the cottage they buy, and who brings them to Silvius.

Adam : An elderly servant to Oliver and Orlando who leaves with Orlando to go to the forest. He offers to give Orlando his life savings so the younger brother can survive.

Jaques: A melancholy courtier who likes to complain.

Le Beau: A man in Duke Frederick’s court.

Audrey: The countrywoman who Touchstone decides to marry.

William: A country boy who also wants to marry Audrey.

Charles: The wrestler in Duke Frederick’s court whom Oliver tells to kill Orlando.