Antony and Cleopatra Characters

Mark Antony: the main male character in the play. Antony struggles with the choice of whether to devote himself to a life of work, or a life of love. In the beginning of the play, he is the most powerful Roman military leader and one of the three Roman rulers. He falls in love with Cleopatra, marries Octavia, and makes an enemy of his fellow ruler, Caesar.

Cleopatra: the Queen of Egypt. Cleopatra is a beautiful and seductive woman who falls in love with Antony. She is childlike at times, throwing tantrums and having fits of jealousy especially where Octavia is involved. She is cunning too in her relationships with others.

Octavius Caesar: the nephew and adopted son of the famous Julius Caesar, who throughout the play is known simply as Caesar. He does not approve of the relationship Antony has with Cleopatra, and thinks that the military leader should concentrate his energies on Rome. Though they have fought on the same side for many years, Caesar wages war against him later causing him to commit suicide. Except when he is with his sister, Octavia, Caesar is portrayed as a cold, cruel man.

Octavia: Caesar’s beloved sister who he marries to Antony in hopes of cementing their relationship. Because of his pre-existing love for Cleopatra however, the marriage with Octavia does not last long. Octavia, unlike Cleopatra, is shown to be the perfect Roman woman. She is graceful and obedient but she lacks Cleopatra’s pizzazz.

Ledipus: The third of the Roman leaders. Ledipus lacks power however, which is why Caesar is able to imprison him later in the play.

Sextus Pompeius (Pompey): A powerful man who the Roman people adore, Pompey waged a war on Caesar in the early acts of the play, but backed down when Antony came back from Egypt.

Enobarbus: A friend and comrade of Antony, Enobarbus was with him throughout many of his battles. After Antony made the decision to chase after Cleopatra, Enobarbus decided that he too should flee from Antony. When Antony discovers this, he sends him gold that he left behind, thus making him regret leaving. Enobarbus dies with this regret.

Ventidius, Silius, Eros, Canidius, Scarus, Dercetus, Demetrius, Philo, and The Schoolmaster: All men that serve under Antony.

Charmain, Iras, Alexas, Mardian, Seleucus, and Diomedes: All people that serve Cleopatra.

Maecenas, Agrippa, Taurus, Thidias, Dollabella, Gallus, Proculeius: Men that serve Caesar.

Menas and Menecrates: Men that serve and fight with Pompey.