Antigone Characters

Antigone: Antigone is the daughter of Oedipus, niece of Creon, and fiance of Haemon. She decides to violate Creon’s edict by burying the corpse of her brother, Polynices. In the end, she becomes a martyr for her religious ideals.

Chorus: The Chorus is present throughout the play, at first siding with Creon, but at the conclusion, finds fault in the king’s judgment.

Creon: Creon is the stubborn king of Thebes who demands death for Antigone after she buries Polynices. In the end, after losing his son and wife to suicide, he realizes his tragic error in judgment.

Eurydice: She is the wife of Creon who kills herself after hearing of her son’s suicide.

Haemon: He is the son of Creon and fiance of Antigone. When he is unable to dissuade his father from killing Antigone, he chooses to commit suicide.

Ismene: Ismene is the sister of Antigone who hopes to convince her not to violate Creon’s edict. Later, however, she comes to her sister’s side.

Polynices: He is the brother of Antigone who returns from exile and attempts to destroy Thebes before he is killed.

Teriresias: He is the seer who predicts Haemon’s death as the effect of Creon’s immoral edict.