A Clean, Well Lighted Place Top 10 quotes

  1. Waiter #1: “He was in despair.”
  2. Waiter #1: “You should have killed yourself last week.”
  3. Waiter #1: “I’m not lonely. I have a wife waiting in bed for me.”
  4. Waiter #2: “He had a wife once too.”
  5. Old Man: “Another brandy.”
  6. Waiter #1: “I am all confidence.”
  7. Waiter #2: “I have never had confidence and I am not young.”
  8. Waiter #2: “Each night I am reluctant to close up because there may be someone who needs the cafe”
  9. Waiter #2: “This is a clean and pleasant caf�. It is well lighted.”
  10. Waiter #2: “Our nada..”